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ManukaGuard Manuka Honey Allercleanse Extra Strength Medical Grade Nasal Spray 0.65 fl. oz.


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Fast acting and easy to use, Extra Strength Allercleanse Nasal Spray helps the body cleanse the nasal passages of airborne irritants such as dust, pet dander, bed mites, and environmental matter we encounter in our day to day lives. Formulated using our strongest Medical Grade Mānuka honey for when you really need it! We harness the cleansing and hydrating power of Medical Grade Mānuka honey in this extra strength formula, try it, you’ll never go back to saline sprays!

The cleansing and moisturizing action of Medical Grade Mānuka honey is documented in peer-reviewed, published research. ManukaGuard’s Nasal Sprays are formulated to deliver the optimal amount of honey in a fine mist

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