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Reasons to Use Natural Cleaning Products

The Importance of Using Green Cleaning Products

As more individuals are becoming more aware of damage to the planet as a result of pollution, consumers are looking for more environmentally-friendly ways to live. This can include recycling, using energy-efficient appliances, and reducing the use of fossil fuels for transportation and home heating. One simple way to protect the environment and other individuals is to use green cleaning products that are healthier for the environment and safer for use around people and pets.


What is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning means using products and practices that are better for the environment and safer for individuals. Green cleaning isn’t just about the products you use but also finding ways to use fewer products to reduce waste.


Green Cleaning vs. Chemical Cleaning

Despite being rinsed away after use, chemical cleaners can leave a residue that remains on virtually every surface you touch from your bedding to your shower, and you can even bring this residue with you to the workplace. These chemicals contain a number of allergens including synthetic fragrances, ammonia, formaldehyde, bleach, and dyes, which can have potential negative impacts on your health.


Green cleaning focuses on the entire cleaning process, including the application of natural cleaning products, training yourself to use less of a product when cleaning, and other modifications, such as washing laundry in cold water, which uses less energy.

5 Reasons to Use Green Cleaning Products

There are countless reasons to use green cleaning products in your home or office. Here is a look at five very important ones:

1. Green Cleaning is Healthier for You and Your Family

Chemical cleaning products contain ingredients that remain on surfaces even after you wash them away. These products can cause allergies and other ill health effects. 

2. Green Cleaning is Better for the Environment

Green cleaning products focus on using safe, biodegradable ingredients that do not emit pollutants when they are used. Additionally, companies who create green cleaning products often carry their green practices to their manufacturing processes, using recyclable packaging that eliminates waste.

3. Green Cleaning May Help You Save Money

Many people hesitate to implement green cleaning into their routine because they worry about the cost. While it’s true that green cleaning products can be more expensive when looking simply at the sticker price on the bottle of cleaner, you may actually wind up spending less because a single all-purpose green cleaning product can replace several different chemical products intended for a single type of cleaning. For example, you could find a single green cleaning product that you can use to clean your floors, furniture, kitchen, and bathroom.

4. Green Cleaning Can Help Your Clothing Last Longer

Chemical laundry detergents leave residue on clothing that does not wash out in the rinse cycle. This residue can cause your clothing to wear out prematurely. The same applies to other objects and spaces in your home that you clean regularly with chemicals. The ingredients in green cleaning products are more gentle on fabric as well as hard surfaces.

5. Green Cleaning Can Make Your Home Smell Better

There was a belief in generations past that a space wasn’t clean unless it smelled strongly of bleach or ammonia. When consumers began asking for gentler smelling products, the manufacturers of these chemical cleaners responded by adding perfumes to alter the smell, resulting in more chemical odor when cleaning rather than less. The scents used in green cleaning products tend to be more mild, leading to a home that simply smells clean, rather than smelling bleached and perfumed.

Is Green Cleaning Safer for a Family?

Chemical cleaning products contain harsh ingredients that may lead to coughing, sneezing, or eye or skin irritation in some people. Small children may be sensitive to chemicals used in laundry soaps and chemical cleaners. Using green cleaning products can help you avoid breathing in or coming into contact with harsh chemicals. Green products for household cleaning or laundry can be safer for both children and adults. 

Note: Make sure to check with a doctor if you are unsure about any chemicals or ingredients in cleaning products.

Are There Allergens in Natural Cleaning Products?

Traditional chemical cleaning products can contain ingredients that may trigger or exacerbate allergy symptoms including ammonia, bleach, formaldehyde synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and more. 

Switching to green cleaning products can help you avoid these ingredients and may help you or your family members feel more comfortable after cleaning your home. Even if a cleaner is labeled as green or natural, however, it’s important to understand the ingredients and how they may affect you or your family members. Always check with a healthcare professional if you have questions or concerns about chemicals or ingredients.

How are Green Cleaning Products Good for the Environment?

Green cleaning products rely on the use of non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients. What this means is that they are not only safer for your family, but they will not cause lasting impacts on the environment such as water or soil pollution that can harm wildlife. The manufacturers of these products often focus on green manufacturing processes as well, including using recycled packaging materials and energy-efficient processes.

Is Green Cleaning Expensive?

If you’re thinking of replacing all of your household cleaners with natural products, you may be worried that it will be expensive. Some green cleaning products often cost slightly more per unit than chemical products, however, if you find cleaning products that will work on multiple surfaces, you can ultimately spend less money by using fewer products.

If you want to prioritize clean, responsible living, give these products a try. Our focus is providing safe and healthy products for your family. We are also pleased to partner with manufacturing partners who share the mission of working toward a sustainable feature. Become a member of California Herban Life Perks program to earn rewards for joining the movement for natural, sustainable, and mindful living.

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