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Green Goo: Plants with Purpose

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We became a B Corp because achieving that certification reflected the values upon which our company was founded. It also provides us a roadmap and an opportunity to continue to improve in every aspect of our organization. For us, doing business has to be about more than buying and selling. We are committed to making the best all-natural, plant-based skin care products possible and to creating and delivering our salves, deodorants, bath, and animal products in a way that has a positive impact on our family, our staff, our community, and our planet. We made Green Goo to change the world and that has to extend to every part of the process. To do it any other way would feel disingenuous. Sure, there are easier ways to do what we do, but easier is hardly ever better. We can’t cut corners or compromise when it comes to our commitment to goodness. We can’t and we won’t.

So, you may have noticed this phrase around the site, on our packaging, and hashtagged in our social media. We thought here would be a good place to do a deeper dive and explain some of what it means to us. “Plants with Purpose” works, for us, on so many levels. Yes, we mean that each plant we put in our products is there for a reason and there’s nothing in our products that doesn’t need to be there. And we also mean that the plants, once combined have the purpose of helping you. But there’s more…


Our salves are fundamentally different from other products on the market. While our herbs are carefully sourced from organic farmers, our defining characteristic is our infusion process. Rather than using pre-made extracts, we infuse our fresh and dried herbs in organic oils (on a low heat for an extended amount of time) to increase the medicinal value of our products. This enhanced process maximizes the potency of our salves, taking the healing properties of the plants to the next level.


We know the phrase full-spectrum isn’t new, but we’ve heard it a lot more lately, largely because of the emergence of hemp as an ingredient in the skin care market. Green Goo has always used a full-spectrum/whole plant approach when creating our products. We were taught that each plant contains within it a mini ecosystem of sorts. That the different parts of the plant exist together for a reason. Some refer to it as the entourage effect. Put simply, all of these plant parts combine to produce a greater benefit than any single part could provide on its own. The analogy we like is that it is better for you to juice an orange and drink it, than it is to just take a vitamin C powder.


Most of our ingredients are registered organic. We also think it’s important that the farmers that grow these herbs, care for the environment by recycling, conserving water, and promoting biodiversity. In fact, it is so important to us, that we have changed our products in the past when an organic option was no longer available or when we felt sourcing an ingredient would have a negative impact on the local ecology or economy.  


We think fair prices should be paid to the people who make things. It’s an important way to support our farming and ranching communities. Fair trade also helps support developing countries, so they can achieve better trading equity which can promote greater self-reliance and sustainability. By supporting fair trade, we advocate improved social and environmental standards for anyone who does the hard work of growing the things we may take for granted every day.


Our labels are as accurate as possible and if it’s not on the list of ingredients it is not in our products. There’s no sneaky stuff in Green Goo. We go out of our way to make a product that is gentle, safe, and effective without synthetics, isolates, perfumes, or artificial ingredients.

It’s also worth saying that we exclude a lot of things from our products. You won’t find petroleum-based ingredients, parabens or phthalates. We don’t use aluminum or baking soda in our deodorants. There’s no Lanolin in our Baby Line. There’s no Deet in our Bugs Be Gone. It calls back to our mission. We want to redefine natural body care by proving that plant-based products can be more effective than products that contain petroleum or other harmful chemicals. We want to empower people by reintroducing them to these plants, that have been used for centuries, to soothe and relieve.

We believe there are too many chemicals in our conventionally used skin and personal care products when there doesn’t need to be. We aim to reintroduce everyone to time-honored, traditional, plant-based skin care that is accessible, powerful, reliable, gentle, and non-toxic. Many of the herbs in our products are recognized by the FDA for their symptom relieving properties. This isn’t snake oil. This is a purposeful combination of old knowledge and scientific research that our customers swear by.


We don’t make products that just cover an ailment or help you ignore your symptoms. Green Goo does more. What that means, for instance, is that our lip balm doesn’t just protect your lips, it also nourishes and helps repair. Our deodorant not only helps fight odor, it also calms, evens, and helps fight skin irritation. Our Castile soap is a great multi-purpose cleanser, and with sunflower, aloe, and shea butter it rejuvenates your skin too. Our ingredients are naturally vitamin and mineral rich and our infusion process helps your body absorb them quickly and easily. We could go on and on. Each product is formulated to meet your skin’s particular needs AND to promote its health and wellness. We’re pretty proud of that and we’re on a mission to show the world how safe, effective, and powerful all-natural skin care can be. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it should matter what you put on it. Why just cover it, when you can do more?


Early on in the development of Green Goo (back when we were still called Sierra Sage) we realized the importance of safe, effective, simple wound care. In many developing countries a large portion of their medical dollars are spent on cuts, abrasion, and skin conditions that could be treated with herbal remedies or salves. We recognized this as an opportunity to make a difference by providing an inexpensive, portable solution. The hope is, that then those precious funds can be allocated to more severe issues, thus saving lives.


B Corp certification is to sustainable business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. This designation reflects the values upon which our company was founded and our operating philosophies today. We became a B Corp because capitalism affects change when it is mindful of doing what is right at the expense of profits. The B Corp Impact Assessment reflects not only what we currently do but applies rigor to and accountability for our mission.


Philanthropy and humanitarianism are two of the philosophical cornerstones of Green Goo. We align and partner with charities, aid organizations, and causes close to our hearts, both in the United States and around the world. We honor and support our philanthropic partnerships in a variety of ways — financial contributions from proceeds of product sales, physical product donations, in-person volunteering, and more.


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