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Babo Botanicals

Babo Botancials was born in a garden in 2010 after the founder Kate Solomon had her first born and went in search of a line of products that felt safe enough for her baby. She found that there was a need for a line of products using clean, natural ingredients that would not only be safe for babies, but great for everyone in the family.

Kate always had a passion for sustainable agriculture and nutrition, and has practiced the art of beekeeping her entire life — even teaching these crafts to women in rural Paraguay during her time with the Peace Corps. In 2010, Kate paired those passions with her decade-long experience in product formulation, and Babo Botanicals was born: a line of personal care products using natural ingredients, as safe for your entire family as it is for the planet.

Today, when we think of our origins, we remember our namesake: Babo the bunny, soothing and comforting. We will always be a small family company at heart, cultivating our founder’s vision: that our relationship with nature is reciprocal. Babo Botanicals provides you with the best of Mother Nature in every product: embracing your family in comfort and health in the most natural way we can.

We believe we can all be bunnies!
At least at heart

Babo Botanicals was named after Babo the Bunny, the plush stuffed animal our founder gave to her son, who found comfort and connection through Babo’s warm embrace. While we rely on nature to inspire our choice of ingredients, we also find emotional inspiration there. To this day, we imbue our products with that same love, warmth, and kindness — the spirit of the Bunny!

Bunnies are easygoing, gentle, and pure of heart, and provide comfort to fellow bunnies and humans alike. Bunnies are also intertwined with nature in a holistic way: wherever the outside world is naturally flourishing, a nearby bunny is easy to find.

As we seek to link with nature — through our natural ingredients, methods, and responsible sourcing — we’ll continue to follow the Bunny as our spirit animal. Just like Babo the Bunny, we’re in our natural element whenever we comfort, nourish, and delight families around the world — and whenever we blend seamlessly with nature by using it respectfully and giving back whenever we can.

We also embody the Bunny whenever we act responsibly: by treating each other graciously, by obeying the planet and using its resources with gentle awareness, by employing empathy, teamwork and constructive collaboration, and by acting with love and kindness towards one another.

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To Nurture Harmony Between Family And Nature

Isn’t it amazing how Mother Nature nurtures every living thing on the planet, just like a parent nurtures their children? Through our gentle plant-based products, we wish to provide you with a daily connection to nature’s goodness. In return, we hope to inspire families like yours to care for nature the same way it cares for us.

At Babo Botanicals, we believe even the smallest actions are opportunities to live in better harmony with nature—and with each other. Through our everyday actions, we make a positive impact on our planet. From recycling and conserving water to using more natural personal care and household products, these choices have a cumulative impact on our shared environment.

Since our beginning, we’ve searched for ways big and small to interact with nature responsibly. Some of our proudest actions in include:
– Working with independent farmers to source our botanical ingredients
– Joining forces with non-profit organizations like EWG and Peta to make the products in our industry safer, kinder, and more respectful of our planet and its living ecosystems
– Supporting sustainable farms that use their activity to create safe habitats for local living ecosystems like honeybees or koalas
– Contributing to Eucalyptus Farm Partners to help them continuously plant new fast-growing eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus creates critical koala corridor, providing habitats, safe passage, and food to support the local koala population.

We hope through our products and actions that Babo Botanicals will inspire families like yours to act harmoniously and sustainably with nature. From recycling tips to composting hacks and even sustainable swaps you can make in your daily life, we aim to provide you with easy yet impactful ways to give your best to nature. Using the power of education and social media, we hope to expand our community and welcome you to join us as we discover new ways to be joyful in caring for the earth.

Gentle products grow from gentle farms

From smart sourcing and responsible farming to sustainable economics. Since people and planet are the true recipients of our products, it’s vital that we pay close attention to sourcing: the starting point for developing and producing all of our formulas. The botanicals and plant-based ingredients at the core of every product require passion, curiosity, energy, and accountability — so we make sure to engage only with farmers whose approach to nature aligns with our own: using sustainable and responsible methods.

Eucalyptus Oil

In Australia, we source Eucalyptus grown on a woman-owned farm, using 100% renewable energy. And since we love caring for cute animals, we love that the farm also created a Koala sanctuary and donates a portion of their proceeds to rebuilding Koala habitats destroyed by Wildfires.

Passion Fruit Oil

In Peru, we partner with local farmers to salvage unexploited Passion Fruit seeds, ensuring zero-waste by upcycling these valuable by-products. This also stimulates the local economy by providing additional sources of income for famers who grow and harvest this delicious fruit.

Manuka Oil

In New Zealand, we source the anti-bacterial Manuka oil used in our hand soaps from a family farm. Manuka plantations like these help to revitalize and reforest overlooked areas in New Zealand, encourage growth of bee habitats, and enable local Maori landowners to earn income.

Shea Butter

In Guinea in West Africa, we source organic Shea Nuts harvested by village farmers from highland farms in a tropical region. The climate allows for lower-waste harvesting and production of a premium shea butter rich in vitamins and natural extracts. Our fairtrade partner has also established a development fund to support local farmers and their families.